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Three Ways to Manage Sensory Overload for the HSP

One of the thrilling parts of being an HSP is the amount and intensity of emotional and bodily sensation we experience. From moment-to-moment we are on a never-ending roller coaster of heightened feeling. Whether it’s a strong emotional surge throughout … Continue reading

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Choice Affects Everything – Here’s How You Develop Your Gifts Through the Choices You Make

Your choices, from the tiniest to the major life choices, affect not only you, but everyone within your sphere of influence. That’s an ominous thought. Every choice you make has a consequence. We know that one of our traits is … Continue reading

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To Tell the Truth – HSPs and Truth Telling

In the late fifties and into the sixties, CBS television network ran a show called “To Tell the Truth.” The show consisted of three contestants. The moderator would read a history of one of the contestants, someone who had an … Continue reading

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