Choice Affects Everything – Here’s How You Develop Your Gifts Through the Choices You Make

Your choices, from the tiniest to the major life choices, affect not only you, but everyone within your sphere of influence. That’s an ominous thought. Every choice you make has a consequence. We know that one of our traits is conscientiousness. We tend to have solid values that reflect our inner sense of what is right. And we follow our principles. Let’s see how our choices affect us and others:

Depth of Processing

One of our most precious gifts is the ability to process complex problems on a level much deeper than the average person.

Our choice to apply honorable values to this processing advances all that is good for the whole of society. Taking this responsibility as our driving force, we not only develop ethics and morals in the solutions we come up with, but we strengthen our own.

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As HSPs, we long to create. Each of us forge a work of art through the avenues that draw us. Whether it’s a business idea, a sculpture or other art form, music, writing, or any other form of creation, what results benefits those around us.

Our choice to put integrity and quality into our works, speaks to those we serve. As we pursue this practice, we develop our ability to communicate what is positive and good.

Gratitude for Simple Blessings

Our choice here helps to remind us of what is most important in our lives. We set an example for others, while keeping ourselves grounded in humility.


High emotional quotient is the new buzzword for sought-after business traits. It’s about time business got around to appreciating this very desirable trait. When we use our empathy to bring solutions that have understanding and responsiveness to the feelings of others at the core of their being, we provide products and services that benefit everyone.

Our choice to speak up with our empathetic minds and hearts keeps business moving toward truly serving humankind. As we develop our voices, our confidence gives us the fuel to make larger and larger contributions.

Perceiving Subtitles

This trait covers a wide range of benefits for other people. We can perceive nuances that expose hurt, shame, or other negative traits, which we can address with our empathy. We see associations and implications that can answer questions that a less detailed approach might miss.

Our choice to consciously apply this trait to special projects, volunteer activities, and everyday interactions brings fresh perspective and insight that might not otherwise be available. As when you use a muscle, it grows stronger and more vital, so it is with this trait, strengthening relationships along the way.

Love of Nature

A non-HSP may look at a pre-sunrise sky and say, “Wow, that’s pretty.” Then, walk away. Another person who is highly sensitive sees the same sight. They stare in awe and wonder, allowing the beauty to seep into their hearts and pull the tears to their eyes. The HSP perceives the subtle differences in the pinks, yellows and purples as they blend in perfect harmony to create emotions in the viewer like peace, composure, and appreciation for the divine in a simple landscape.

We are the guardians for nature. We see beauty through the nuances of our environment. Our choice here is to alert to and protect the delicacy that surrounds us. Through our decision to share with others just how infinitely blessed we are to inhabit such artistry, we deepen our own emotional relationship with the universe.

Our choices have power. Making the right choices for our personal value systems helps us grow while making a positive contribution to the world we live in.

Copyright 2021, Monica Nelson

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