Welcome to my blog . . .

Hello and welcome to my website. I am a writer and a highly sensitive person. Early in my life, I struggled to fully understand myself. I was so different from everyone around me. When I was a teenager, those differences became more prominent leading to difficulties in relationships. The stress of adolescence added to a sensitive nature felt overwhelming. Overpowering.

Entering the adult world, a highly emotional moment triggered a lifelong search for the truth of who I am. I’ve spent four decades exploring my psyche pursuing that truth. In the process I’ve learned so much about myself and highly sensitive people in general.

My website and blog have two purposes:

Welcome to my Website/Blog
One of the gifts HSPs possess is an appreciation of and respect for nature.

First, the world needs our gifts. Strong empathy. Creativity. Heightened sensory detail. Depth of processing. Awareness and comprehension of nuances in meaning. Fair, balanced, and tolerant leadership skills. Appreciation of and respect for nature. These are traits that are too easily stomped on in our “me-first” society.

We must plant and fertilize those gifts for maximum results. Then, we must support each other in our efforts to get the word out.

We’ll address how to do that here.

We’ll also look at the obstacles and more negative side of being highly sensitive with an eye toward ways to reframe and navigate the problems, so that they don’t stand in our way.

Second, it is important to educate the world around us. Every sensitive must become proficient in teaching non-sensitives about our natures. And the bring awareness to how we are an important part of our society. How we can and do, given the opportunity, contribute greatly to a better life for everyone.

We’ll look at ways we can accomplish this also.

Please share your insights too. I’ve had decades of experience, but there is always something I can learn, we all can learn, from your input.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you here every week.