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Using Your Peacemaker’s Understanding – A Sought After HSP Trait

If you’ve begun to learn about your highly sensitive nature, and especially if you have delved into that learning for some time, you are intimately familiar with the failings and rewards of being an HSP. You are probably also aware … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Manage Sensory Overload for the HSP

One of the thrilling parts of being an HSP is the amount and intensity of emotional and bodily sensation we experience. From moment-to-moment we are on a never-ending roller coaster of heightened feeling. Whether it’s a strong emotional surge throughout … Continue reading

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The Myth of Flawless Love and the HSP Woman

Approximately 51 million Americans read romance novels. That number increases daily. The allures of the romance novel are many. We, as a society, are in love with love. Often the heroine early in the novel meets a rogue male who … Continue reading

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