Six Steps Toward Greater HSP Creativity

In the first two posts of this series, we looked at the HSP advantage in intuition, and how we can support and train our intuition even further. We know that a strong intuition bolsters our already strong creativity.

HSPs are inherently creative. We crave the ability to express ourselves. We have strong emotions which are tied to and instigate strong expression. But there are also steps we can take to build an even stronger creative statement.

Forge Greater Intuition

We’ve already talked about that in our previous post. Intuition is where creativity is born. As an HSP, we think deeply on subjects that matter to us. Coupling the conscious with the subconscious creates powerful motivation. Within that motivation, creativity can prosper.

Image courtesy of Ermal Tahiri (ermaltahiri) on Pixabay.

Complete Creative Exercises

Most writers (especially when they experience writer’s block) will use writing prompts to stir their creative juices. Whatever your creative outlet is, there are ways to “practice” your art.

Not every piece of art need be a final product. The great musicians understand the value of practice to advance their skills. Whatever your art form, you need to nourish it for it to prosper.

Let Your Imagination Soar

Believe in the impossible. Allow your mind to go in whatever direction it wants to take you. Silence the inner critic, and let whatever comes from your spirit have free expression. You are unique. Your individuality is one-of-a-kind. No one else will create in the same way you do. Value that. Its priceless.

Realize the Importance of Innovation

My husband is always saying that he is not creative. Not true. He is driven to improve things. He comes up with all kinds of ideas on a new gadget that would help him save time. Or, when he refuses to buy an expensive tool because he can get the same outcome by a process or homemade device he created.

This is called innovation. It is the building of something based on what is already in place. Improvement or adapting a situation based on specific circumstances. We think of the car as a new invention taking place in the late 1800s. This invention could not have taken place without first the development of the internal combustion engine between the 10th and 13th centuries. Nor could it have occurred without the even earlier invention of the wheel.

Consider improving what already is. This is just as creative as the original.

Make Room for Play

The most creative people in the world are children. They play with unbridled enthusiasm. Play relieves stress, boosts energy, helps us to connect to one another, and improves brain function. It also relaxes your mind which allows creativity to flourish.

Apply Your Creativity to a Cause

Purpose drives human life. Purpose gives our lives meaning. You have been given a great gift in your sensitivity. Use it. The world is waiting for your contribution. Choose a cause close to your heart – one that you can address and contribute to in your own unique way. When we give of ourselves to others, life becomes extra rich.

Intuition and creativity are desirable traits open to every human being. HSP physiology gives us expanded resources to draw upon. These enable us to climb to higher realms. If you choose to put in the effort, you can achieve extraordinary results.

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