Making the Most of Your Active HSP Mind

One of the causes of an HSP’s overstimulation is their overactive mind. Our minds are always working. We obsess over details. We make connections between minutiae that others can’t see. We are innovative and creative. Our minds never stop their drive to advance.

To make the most of your gift of active mind, focus on and keep an appropriate balance between three areas of concentration.


Image courtesy of John Hain on Pixabay.

The great artists of the world bring beauty and awareness to everyone. Inventors bring technological advances resulting in a better life for the public. Healers and service providers benefit others with their pursuits. Whatever your calling, you are there for a reason. Become the best at your craft. Throughout the day, as your mind works its magic, capture your ideas and expound on them. Use your empathy to identify the lack that surrounds you. Meditate on possible solutions. Keep a journal of every flicker. Not every notion will be appropriate to expand on, but as your notebook becomes fuller, return to it and analyze how you might bring it to fruition in the service of others.

Personal Growth

Negative influences and pessimistic self-talk can subvert our mind’s true purpose. The human mind is an incredible miracle. It can accomplish great objectives. But it can only work toward its maximum capability when it is confident in its own ability. Growing up with negative input from well-meaning but misguided influences, it is easy for us to fall into an unhealthy pattern of negative self-talk. Awareness is key. Identify negative self-talk and make a concerted effort to stop it. Counteract it by reminding yourself of all the good that is you. Be especially cognizant of the words “should,” “have to,” “but,” “don’t forget,” and other negative triggers. Everything we do is by choice. Make your choices wisely.

Workplace Modernization

Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann (geralt) on Pixabay.

We bring empathy for clients and customers, innovative ideas, and conscientious determination to our work. If we aim for title roles, we make compassionate and ingenious leaders. If you choose this as a guiding principle in your life, channel that active mind by doing your research along with your deep thought processes. Then, present your ideas with confidence and aplomb. If your ideas are dismissed, you have three choices: 1) go back to the drawing board and tweak them, then resubmit; 2) move onto a more open-minded company or organization; or 3) take those fabulous ideas and start your own company.

Change is necessary. Life changes in an instant, and our very active minds are at the forefront of that change. Pursuing the above three goals in a balance array is the most efficient way to activate and exercise this highly desirable characteristic of deep thought. By feeding our minds with positivity, staying focused and using our mind to craft change, we work to our fullest potential. And we make the most of our incredible gift of an active HSP mind.

Copyright 2022, Monica Nelson

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