Four Strategies for Taming HSP Overwhelm When Hateful Forces Rule

Do you, as an HSP, feel extreme overwhelm right now? You are not alone. Negative aggressive forces are coming at us in record numbers and intensity. From political unrest, self-absorbed people demanding their “rights” with no regard for others’ rights, to impending wars and military chaos, we face multiple challenges on a daily basis. These circumstances show no evidence of resolving anytime soon, so it is necessary that we adapt in order to protect ourselves.

Life is stressful for everyone, but much more so for the highly sensitive person. Candace Pert in her wonderful book Molecules of Emotion, illuminated the new discovery of how emotions interact with the bodymind. Every emotion is expressed as a neuropeptide in the body. To summarize very quickly, these chemicals in a normal environment work their way out of the body. When allowed escape, they cause no harm. When our systems are bombarded with stressors, these biochemicals get stored without means of elimination, causing harm and disease. To understand this more fully, read this article recapping one of Ms. Pert’s talks on the subject.

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This process happens in all human physiology. Imagine how much more imposing this can be in the highly sensitive person’s body. Below I share with you tips that I am using right now to limit any possible clogged biochemicals, thus reducing the harm they may cause.

Start Grieving Now

Today, we are experiencing tremendous trauma. We are incurring great losses in our lives, routines, and ways of life. We will need to grieve those losses. Our lifestyle will suffer. Any loss requires grief to move forward. Don’t wait for it all to pile up. Acknowledge that change is coming. Feel your sorrow and grief. Allow it expression. Rely on a trusted friend or loved one to talk it over. Talk to a professional if it is too overwhelming to shoulder yourself. This is a natural process, and a necessity.

Take Care of Your Health

These days it is even more important to be as healthy as possible in order to combat the inevitable onslaught. The healthier you are, the better your ability to cope with negative energy. Prioritize your diet, exercise, quiet time, and self-care.

Discern, Don’t Judge

One of our strong traits is to be super conscientious. We see the evil that exists more readily than most people, and it hurts us. We suffer within. The atrocities that occur half a world away resonate within us and cause us pain. You must put these into perspective. It is important to witness, without judgement, the events that cause hurt, pain, and suffering. In this way, you see those results without assigning blame. When you discern (do not assign blame), the act itself takes precedence over the person or people perpetrating the behavior. You can then do what is possible to alleviate or change the behavior (for instance, peaceful protest or joining a prayer gathering) without letting the negativity paralyze you.

Don’t Take It Personally

View world or personal events with discernment over judgement. As you do, it will become easier to see it is not directed toward you. The person or people who perpetrate such maliciousness are facing issues within themselves that are even greater than the ugliness they exhibit outwardly. Protect yourself from living in their nightmare. When you take it personally, you are the one to cause more harm to yourself. You’ve allowed them to infiltrate your own perspective about yourself.

When hateful or rageful forces occur around you, there is a strategy you can use to protect yourself. Be kind to yourself and take positive steps to ward off those harmful effects.

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