Intuition and Creativity – An HSP’s Super Sense-abilities, Introduction

We’ve all experienced it, HSP and non-HSP alike. It’s that instant “knowing” in situations of all kinds that tells us what to do, what something unfamiliar means, how to respond, etc. Intuition, often called the sixth sense, is not as controversial as it used to be. Science has discovered that it actually exists. We now know that the unconscious instantly peruses all our past knowledge and experience to form a “gut feeling.”

We are often perplexed by it because we aren’t cognizant of it happening. It happens in the blink of an eye. It’s not a logical process where we thoughtfully consider a number of steps and come to a conclusion. It appears as if by magic into our awareness with a powerful wallop.

It’s called the sixth sense because, like the other five senses, it’s function is to perceive our world and give us information to navigate it. HSPs are well acquainted with their five senses. Often, those senses become overwhelmed in our over-stimulated nervous systems. If those five senses are elevated, so is the sixth.

Image courtesy of Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay.

The sixth sense, intuition, is distinguished from the others in that we all have different experiences, knowledge, and perceptions. Intuition then is more unique to each of us. And, the capacity for exceptional intuition is within our grasp.

We owe it to ourselves and our communities to recognize our increased-instinct potential. We must then develop it and apply it. Our senses give us the upper hand in areas of perception. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that it makes us superior. But, in this area of life, we hold an advantage. And, as such, we hold an opportunity and a responsibility.

Another of our HSP sense-abilities is found in our heightened creativity. HSPs find themselves thriving in the creative arts.

Creativity is closely associated with a strong intuition. When we follow our intuition, we increase our creativity. Allowing our subconscious minds creative expression brings out new ideas, hidden insights, and raw truth. For a hurting world, this is a blessing, and a step toward healing.

Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann (Geralt) on Pixabay.

You were born one of 20% of the population who have these incredible sense-abilities. Developing these and using them toward your unique purpose is your destiny. In the following two posts, we’ll explore ways that you can cultivate these unique abilities, and use them to fulfill your goals in life.

Intuition and creativity are two desirable attributes found in people. They are especially strong in HSPs. Stay tuned for information on how you, as an HSP, can build those traits into super abilities.  

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