Are HSPs the Hope for the Future?

Sigmund Freud said there was no such thing as an accident. I believe wholeheartedly in this supposition. In my experience, much if not all of what happens has a very specific reason. We’re seeing a large-scale example of this play out right now. And it has an important message for HSPs.

Our world has been slowly working toward aggressive, self-centered, entitlement for decades now. More and more people blindly follow power-hungry, narcissistic leaders. Special interest groups use hostility and hate to force their destructive self-indulging agendas onto society at large with no empathy toward the greater good. Community harmony is devolving into chaos. If we are not careful, the divide and conquer maxim will destroy any sense of harmony humanity still clings to.

Enter the recognition and awareness of the highly sensitive movement, introduced in the mid-90’s by Dr. Elaine Aron, it has awakened and empowered slowly and gently a sleeping giant. Our numbers are not large, but there are enough that, when combined, hold substantial influence. We’ve been slow to use our gifts having been chastised for so long for having them. But the time is right now for us to step forward and make our voices heard.

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We have spent a couple of decades now coming into our own. We’ve learned how our gifts are just that. They are not traits to be quashed, but to be celebrated and used for the public good. They add an element of cooperativeness and respect for all opinions to an otherwise divisive environment.

These are the qualities we can supply to help bring about a more equitable world:

Observation: We notice subtleties in manner and attitude. We instinctively see sincerity over deceit, enlightenment over ignorance. We distinguish the manipulated from the manipulators. All advantages that help drill down to and expose the truth.

Depth of Processing: We are known for digging deeply into any issue. We see connections obscured to others. These qualities help us discern the details, work out long-term consequences, see the figurative forest about the trees.

Employ Empathy: We have super-charged empathy. We seek meaning in all we do. And that meaning is driven by our enhanced empathy. Empathy for everyone involved ensures that the best interests of all concerned will be taken into consideration in working toward the final goal.

Abhor Violence. Since we hate violence, we seek answers that don’t resort to it. And we work toward eliminating violence as part of the solution. We believe peaceful resolution is possible.

As we emerge as a group into our own and develop our value, we become vital to creating a future filled with compassion and hope. We cannot do it alone. We have our own shortfalls that non-HSPs are more equipped to handle. But growing into our mission as truthtellers and peacekeepers, we provide a crucial element that so far has been missing from the strife. We are at the precipice, and we must decide if we will follow our previous path of noninvolvement or contribute in a meaningful way. The world needs our abilities. Will you contribute yours?

Copyright 2021, Monica Nelson

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