Applying the Superpower of “The Mere Sense of Living” Available to HSPs Only

For too long, highly sensitive people have taken the term “too sensitive” as an insult. No one can really blame us for that, as it has been used as a form of abuse for much too long a time. This needs to change.

We, as HSPs, need to rise above this derogatory contempt. And claim our sensitivity as the gift that it is. Not only should we stand up for our differences, but we must use them to carry out the mission for which they were intended. We must acknowledge them for the superpower that they are. In this way, we can use our unique perspective to carry out our purpose.

These are the steps I propose each of us take to claim our power and carry out our mission:

One: Step Into Our Authentic Selves

Conscientiousness and integrity are two of our most powerful traits. Political corruption, wars forced on us by ghoulish world leaders, the rise of narcissism all around us. These indicators present compelling anecdotal evidence that having good moral character is slowly disintegrating. If a rebound is to happen, HSPs need to lead the charge.

We can only do this if we acknowledge our gift as crucial to making the return to virtue possible. We cannot convince others of our intent until we are comfortable in that posture ourselves.

Two: Take Care of Our Special Needs

Image courtesy of Mohamed Hassan of Pixabay.

We have long tried to force ourselves into the habits and characteristics of the non-HSP, because that is what was expected of us. But we have a different nervous system, and that means we have a different anatomy. That distinct biology means we have needs that require different care.

Alone time to recharge. Managing conflict in a healthy, but calm and collected way. Reflection time necessary for difficult decisions and new ideas to germinate. Tolerance of our emotional responsivity. Accommodation for environmental concerns like bright lighting, excess noise, dietary and clothing adjustments. These are just some of the modifications we must insist upon for ourselves and from others.

Three: Use Our Sensitivity for Good

Just like a child that has to go through a stage of self-centeredness before he or she can learn empathy, we must go through the above two steps. After we have taken care of ourselves, we can be at our optimum performance. It is then that we can start giving back. At this point, we find within us our own unique talents. Those talents will guide each one of us on our separate paths to altruism.

It is through the many varied gifts that we have that we can make our exclusive contribution to the world. And if we can do it living our best life, that is the “mere sense of living” that is our superpower.

Copyright 2022, Monica Nelson

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