Five Steps to Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

Everyone on earth has a purpose, a calling, a reason why we are living here and now. For the HSP, that purpose is vitally more important than the average person. Your gifts are rare. They need to be put to important use.

You, as an HSP, already have a strong desire for meaningful purpose. You are deeply conscientious, spiritual (not necessarily religious, but can sense a deeper meaning to life), and process all of life’s questions fully within yourself. You’re not one to party your life away. You want that life to matter, to stand for something.

But you also might not have a clue what that purpose is. If you do not, definitely read on. If you do know your purpose, that’s great. You still might find this information supportive in carrying out that purpose. Here are five steps to ensure you get and stay on the right path.

Encourage an Openness Mindset

Keep an open mind to what comes into your awareness on a daily basis. Be grateful for what you have, but open to new experience. Develop your sense of awe and curiosity. Look into other points of view that may seem foreign to you now. Use your incredible empathy to delve into ideas that are unfamiliar.

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Explore Your Interests

Your purpose will always be embedded in the interests that you have. What drives your passions? What topics get your juices flowing? What activities do you love? Where do you derive satisfaction? You may have many routes that together form a more generalized purpose. Or, you may have one intensely burning enthusiasm for solving a particular problem. Sit down with paper and pen. Start exploring your possibilities. Even if you think the project you are driven to is too large, let yourself dream. It may be that you are meant for a leadership role. HSPs make wonderful leaders.

These interests are the roots of your purpose. They grow into seedlings as you nurture them. Giving attention and energy to them is like exposing them to sunlight and water. They begin to grow and thrive.

Pursue Your Passion with Care

As you start living your purpose, keep in mind both your positive and negative traits. DOES is the acronym that Dr. Elaine Aron uses to describe these traits. D = Depth of Processing, O = Overstimulation, E = Emotional Responsivity/Empathy, S = Sensitive to Subtleties. Your gifts are special features that only you can contribute to a cause, but remember this. HSPs have a tendency to overextend themselves when pursuing their passion. Take care to tend to your own needs as you do.

Live With Determination Every Day

Each day is a gift in itself. Start your day with the determination that you will waste none of it. As you wake, remind yourself that today matters. Move on with confidence.

Readjust as Needed

Your life may have one purpose. It may have many. And it may take time to find your true purpose. Give yourself permission to change as you feel led. If you complete a project, you have been working on, get started on another. If you want to explore your purpose through different avenues, dip your toe in each one until you find the one that fits. Feel confident that this is just part of the process.

HSPs have a strong need for a purposeful life. If you are feeling somewhat unsettled, it may mean that you are not currently living your purpose. Don’t be hard on yourself. But take some time to explore how you can turn that uneasiness into a meaningful aspiration.

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